March 16, 2020

RtI Team
March 16, 2020

Changes in Schedule

Greetings, please see below for how the RtI can support you and your faculty during this transition time:
Dear Leaders,
In order to better serve your schools and provide access to supports that will help teachers support students, we have created the following guidance:
1.       The RtI Team has created a Google Classroom meant to help leaders and teachers navigate the remediation supports with this focus on online learning. As you can see, this account has been shared with you.  Please share it with the other teachers and leaders on your campus. Please see your email for the google classroom. 
2.        Since site-based interventions will not be provided during our absence from school, students should not use the ISTEEP computer-based platform for progress monitoring. They should use this time to focus on curricular activities provided by their classroom teachers.
3.       The curriculum specialists have embedded many of the foundational skills in their lesson plans. For those who would like access to additional reinforcement resources, we have uploaded supplementary videos to assist students with basic foundational skills. These resources are not mandatory.
4.       In order to support you and your teachers with questions concerning RtI, our RtI team will be available through various forms of communication, including but not limited to Google Hangouts, Google Classroom, email and by phone.  RtI office hours will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8am to 2pm.

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