August 10, 2020


iSTEEP, Universal Screener

Due to the instructional days missed at the end of the 19-20 school year, there have been some changes to the past Universal Screening Plan. Please review the iSTEEP information.


  • Fall: August 24th - September 11th

  • Winter: January 11th - January 22nd

  • Spring: April 1st - May 7th


  • All K-8 students will be assessed using the iSTEEP screener platform. Please review your overviews to determine which assessment needs to be administered. 

  • At-A-Glance Cards can be found on the iSTEEP Training website. These cards will let you know the steps to take. 

  • Students that score below the 16th percentile will be identified as at-risk and progress monitored through the iSTEEP platform. 

Reading Screening Overview

Math Screening Overview

Steep Training Website

iSTEEP Quick Facts

Remote Testing

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