August 24, 2020


Administer Those Assessments

TIPS for scheduling the administration of iSTEEP, spelling inventory, and curriculum diagnostics:

  1. Consider how long each assessment will take. 

    1. iSTEEP: ORF, NWF, CVC, ISF, Letter Naming = 1 minute + prep

    2. iSTEEP: Maze = 3 minutes + prep

    3. iSTEEP: Advanced Literacy = 18 minutes + prep

    4. iSTEEP Smart Cloze = 4 minutes + prep

    5. Curriculum Diagnostics, review scope and sequences to determine the number of instructional days that were set aside for the administration of the assessment

    6. Spelling Inventory = 20 to 30 minutes

  2. Plan out which students will be assessed when. 

    1. Example: Students #1-5 during morning work, Students 6-10 during independent work, etc. 

  3. Consider planning for extra support in the classrooms/grade-levels, if possible. 

  4. Create a computer lab schedule or provide iPADs. Math computation, Advanced Literacy, Maze, and Smart Cloze can be administered to the entire class at one time. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out for support!

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