September 7, 2020


  iSTEEP Reminders

  1. iSTEEP testing should be completed by September 11th. Please contact your RtI Coach if you have any concerns about completing testing. 

  2. Clean your rosters. 

    1. Move any students that have left the district or state to XFLOATER. 

    2. Pull the  Advanced Report: “Students Without Scores” to make sure all current students have been assessed. 

    3. If a student is on your roster but not at your school, and this student is still in Caddo’s district, please contact your RtI Coach. DO NOT DELETE THE STUDENT!

Cleaning Up Your Rosters - Explanation and Tutorial Video

  1. Remember, all K-8 students are being screened in iSTEEP this year. Virtual, hybrid, and traditional students need to be assessed. 

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