September 21, 2020


Setting Up Interventions

Let’s review setting up progress monitoring through iSTEEP and the curriculum.

iSTEEP Interventions are the equivalent to Progress Monitoring; thus, when we set up interventions in iSTEEP, we are setting up progress monitoring. 

Typically, students that scored below the 16th percentile on their iSTEEP grade-level screener needs to be progress monitored in iSTEEP.  (ALL students should be monitored with the curriculum.)

Identifying the Who (click for how-to video)

iSTEEP progress monitoring should be set at the student’s instructional level. 

iSTEEP Intervention type should be ONLY be set as:

  • Reading: Accuracy, Fluency, Comprehension

  • Math: Accuracy, Fluency, Problem-Solving 

*Please review the video for guidance. 

How to Set Up Progress Monitoring (click for how-to video)

Curriculum Monitoring helps us to determine if interventions are making an impact on mastery of standards.

Curriculum Monitoring can include:

  • Math: Topic Quizzes, Exit Tickets, and Achieve the Core Tasks (from both grade-level and previous grade-level lessons), beginning/middle and/or end of the unit assessments

  • CKLA: Progress Monitoring probes from the ARG and additional resources from the unit, 1-minute reads from Curriculum Readers, Spelling Tests by Sounds and Error Analysis, Cold-Reads from Unit Tests, 1- minute writes

  • Guidebooks: Section Quizzes, Cold-Reads, FLuency Tasks can be used as 1 minute reads, Day 5 Quick Checks from Foundation Supports, 1-minute write

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