October 12, 2020 - October 23, 2020

 Data Meetings/Deep Dives

At this time, we have completed the iSTEEP screeners and BOY Diagnostics. It is crucial you have data meetings to discuss your students’ academic needs. Reviewing data helps us to:

  • determine the intensity needed to support learners

  • identify students’ strengths and weaknesses

  • annotate for scaffolding and supports in Tier 1 learning

  • develop and implement focused intervention lessons

  • plan for monitoring that will truly test the impact of interventions


On October 23rd, the RtI Team will provide on-demand Data Analysis training. This training will help teachers to understand how to group students and plan for intervention lessons that are focused and targeted by identifying the students in need of most intense intervention, analyzing student work to identify the needs, and grouping students based on similar deficits. This session, completed through Nearpod, includes opportunities to reflect and work through personal class data. This is an opportunity for a leader to guide teachers through the data analysis process using data relevant to their students. (There is a session for Kinder CKLA, 1st CKL, 2nd CKLA, K-5 Math, and 3-8 Guidebook. )

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to conducting data meetings, please reach out to your RtI Coach. 

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