October 5, 2020

 K-3 Screening Data

It is time to report our K-3 screening data to the state. This year, the state has new requirements. 

  • Any K-3 Student that was NOT physically present on your campus when completing iSTEEP universal screeners should be documented in the Virtual iSTEEP Report in Illuminate. This should be done by October 16th. LDOE Is requiring that all students who completed this process virtually be identified. Again, if a student was NOT physically present on your campus when completing the iSTEEP screeners, this student should be documented as having completed the process virtually.

  • All missing K-3 student data should be documented and completed in Illuminate by October 22nd. You will be able to view who is missing information beginning October 15th. 

How to Enter Codes and Identify Virtual Students

  • BOY data analysis with identified student deficits should be documented in ILP/Remediation Data Entry Report in Illuminate. Please document those students who were promoted with support or retained along with any students who are in Tier 2or 3. (VIDEO TO COME)

If you have any questions, please review your RtI Coach’s Canvas page or contact Erin Redden for support. 

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