February 1, 2021


iSTEEP Winter Benchmark

Checking your reports:

At this point, winter benchmarking should be completed. Please ensure all virtual and traditional face-to-face students have been tested. To check your reports:

  1. Login to iSTEEP

  2. On the left hand side, click “Administrative Menu.”

  3. Click “Advanced Reports.”

  4. Click “Advanced Reports” again. 

  5. Click “Grade-Wide Student List (without scores).”

If you need more information concerning which screeners should have been completed, please visit the Documents Tab and click “iSTEEP Quick Facts 20-21.”

Other reports:

  • You will access these reports with the same process as stated above. 

Grade-Wide Student List (National Percentile): assigns and ranks students by national percentile

Multi-Screener Report: All assessments can be placed on one table.

Instructional Grouping Recommendations: Based on performance, what support level should the student receive. 

Grade-Wide Student List (Progress Across Year): shows the change in scores from BOY to MOY screening. 

Grade-Wide Summary Reports: gives an overview of an assessment by grade and teacher. This report will give you graphs for average score review, average progress by grade, average progress by teacher, and instructional effects as well. 

iScreen, Advanced Literacy and Numeracy: Analyzes student performance and breaks down ability at different subcategories.

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