Most Recent RtI Memo (02/06/18)
  • The RtI Memo is published bi-weekly every month.

RtI Coach Assignments 2017-2018
  • Please contact your RtI Coach for your RtI concerns.

Caddo RtI Manual 2017-2018
  • The RtI Manual should serve as your guide to RtI throughout the school year. UPDATED 01/01/2018

Caddo Curricula Cheat Sheet
  • Caddo Core Curricula and Assessment Administrators’ Cheat Sheet

Caddo Best Practices
  • This guide provides the best practices for classroom instruction.

  • Approved RtI programs and Universal Screeners

504 Referral Forms

SBLC Referral Forms

Louisiana's Connector Document

Sample Referral Packet

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